Get the full scoop with a Love Styles: About Her Report. Despite their taste in luxurious things they seek stability. Being earth signs, Taurus women are stable and independent. Taurus woman possesses a strong personality. Of all the hair colors for a Taurus, auburn may be the most perfect one. Shes not greedy, but can be materialistic and strives for a financially secure lifestyle. Chances are, ten years down the line, those friends from high school who are still your BFF will be Taurean women. Like the other elements, those with their Venus in Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurusa.k.a. However, she also colors your personality by giving insight into what you value, your aesthetics, style, fashion and tastes. She likes security, so she will go through life planting and nurturing seeds like a devoted mother, and she will patiently wait for them to take root. READ: 6 Brutal Truths About Loving A Leo (As Written By A Leo). Her appreciation of the simple pleasures in life, combined with legendary stamina, is a real plus. Some people "fit" their Sun sign zodiac profile more than others. They value emotional union on deeper levels but dont take risks easily and often take a while to open up. She is looking for her ideal partner, and wants a steady, romantic, and fulfilling relationship. They have attractive eyes and are black in color. This is especially true for women with Moon and/or Venus in Taurus. Potential suitors sense that shes solid, never desperate or overly needy, and genuine. She has a strong build. Actually, he'll like to take the lead and show you the way. They might be slow and passive at first, but their nature can be deceiving. Sometimes people with this placement crave fatal attraction connections relationships that are destructive, fiery and transformative. Taurus woman has an artistic side. Love for Venus in Taurus centers on the physical world and creature comforts they revel in sensual surroundings. READ: 14 Brutal Truths About Loving A Scorpio (As Written By A Scorpio). Why cant Bruce Banner transform in Infinity War? These women are eager and ambitious. Taurus woman doesnt like to make any compromises on their privacy. She knows the soft and sensuous touch of her skin is one of her greatest assets. This is the second sign in the Zodiac and spring is in full bloom when the Taurus celebrates her birthday. Ruled by Venus, this bull wants nothing more than to look beautiful 24/7. Venus in Taurus woman is attuned to physical and material security. They prefer to indulge their partner in simple luxuries, like a fine chocolate or a good massage. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. They arent going to give up on their dreams. WebVenus in Taurus men and women can be possessive in love, and they are threatened by fast-paced, high-energy situations in the context of relationships and love. They are foodies and love cooking. Mr Venus in Taurus likes a traditional, conservative woman, an earth mother. Thus, they will put all their hard work into these tasks. She enjoys it when her partner pays attention to little things. She likes to savor the experience, spending time choosing just the perfect pair of shoes, just the right bag, or the perfect blouse to go with the pants she just bought. They dont like to make compromises or bend down. Whether monetary or that of a comfortable and steady lifestyle she works hard. Avoid pushing them in love give them plenty of time. She may not be the one to suggest a new position, but shes usually very open to the idea if you do. They are in no rush and take their time to learn about their partners interests in the bedroom. A Taurus woman is also known to enjoy gardening and other activities. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The sexuality traits of a Taurus woman are as follows: A Taurus woman is very down-to-earth and sensual. They are loyal friends and companions. Shes not a pretentious or a shy woman. Venus in Virgo gives someone a practical, stable and analytical approach to dating and relationships. A Taurus woman can be patient and mask her feelings, but if she gets angry, she can be very scary. When it comes to attraction, Taurus secret weapon is serenity. Yeah, that's probably him. Taureans can sometimes be in love with blinkers on and be completely focused on their love life. In fact, she comes alive when she needs to defend or protect a loved one. She has great determination to achieve the goals and life she has set out for herself. She can stay in one job for a long time because she knows that only by being patient will the job description evolve and the pay increase steadily. This sign can attack, but only if provoked by one too many a red flag. Not so with Taurus, who can truly keep a long-term sexual relationship alive, not necessarily with variety but with untiring passion. She knows shes pretty and takes immense pride in her looks. A Taurus will love to have a routine as they are very organized. They value consistency above all else, as well as finding someone who wants to build the lifestyle they desire at their side. Why fight with someone who seems above it all? People who harbor this placement prefer variety and spontaneity in their romantic lives. Dont know the positions of your planets? This information will reveal hisastrological birth chart,which includes his Venus sign. They are more likely to reciprocate if approached slowly. Sex with the Taurus woman is a deeply sensuous experience. Taurus is ruled by docile Venus and is a passive, feminine sign. She likes to touch a garment before she decides to buy it. They thrive in relationships and are often looking for their mirror image or perfect partner. Her main gemstone is emerald. They are a dependable friend and will be there for you when you need them most. READ: 5 Brutal Truths About Loving A Cancer (As Written By A Cancer). This one doesn't mind roughing it out or a little play-fighting. Even the urban Taurus womans home reflects her strong connection to the earth, with earthy colors, combinations, and touches. Some bad traits of Taurus woman are as follows. Venus in Aquarius gives someone the desire to explore the highest level of intellectual connection with others. Interestingly too, she usually sniffs out new clothes, and is more aware than most about how certain fabrics absorb smells! Venus in Libra makes someone a true romantic to their core! However, she will not risk her security to fund it. It is the most important sign in terms of astrological compatibility, and it shows which kind of woman he feels uncontrollably attracted to on all levels. It can be hard to tell how they feel sometimes. Taurus Woman likes things in order. What is the meaning of the Eight of Cups tarot card? On one side these people embrace the shimmers of heavenly desires in their soul. Venus/Moon in Taurus- Taurus is the ruling planet of Venus. The gentle, thoughtful demeanor they have grown accustomed to can transform into a driving force of fury. If a woman thinks that the trousers fit her perfectly, she will return and buy another pair not to risk choosing clothes another time. Your eccentricities and unique idiosyncrasies are what turns him on. The Taurean woman knows exactly what suits her in makeup and hair, and will go against the trends to make sure she is always at her sexiest. Some Famous People with Venus in Taurus: Johnny Depp (Mercury and Venus in Taurus), Steffi Graf, George Lucas (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Taurus), Prince William, Princess Diana. Their personalities are modified by Moon signs, Venus signs, Mars signs, the aspects these make to one another, their positions in a natal chart, and so forth. She could speak up with full authority and also is intelligent, well educated adjustable nature. They can be rather possessive of their partners and may feel threatened in fast, high-energy situations. She is sentimental to a degree, but not to the point of becoming controlled by it. They make great musicians, artists, writers, etc. Her chin is not very well defined and more often than she has dimples. In addition to writing her blog, Anna also offers personalized astrological readings to her clients. A Taurus woman is simple to understand in her approach to relationships. A Venus in Taurus person doesnt like a lot of drama in their life, and they tend to stay away from players and superficial people. Taurus Good Days Calendar, 2023 Taurus Preview Horoscope High Taurus Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn. READ: 7 Brutal Truths About Loving A Sagittarius (As Written By One). WebTaurus usually looks best in soothing colors. The bull loves treats and will respond to sweetness and light much better than to whips and shackles. It has a fixed proposition and magnetism. They need a certain measure of predictability and dependability in their relationships, even if their Sun is in the more spontaneous signs of Aries or Gemini. The more ostentatious, loud and flashy you are, the keener he will be. But it is not always about her she loves to indulge her loved ones as well, and the person who falls for a Taurus woman is in for a lot of pampering! They bond through tactile methods they like to hold hands, give massages and other physical pleasures. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. People with this placement tend to be bold and vibrant, hungry for love and passion. Complications startle them as they might bring insecurities about the future. COPYRIGHT 20020-2023 LOVESYLLABUS.COM, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Subtle and smart, this Earth sign favors neutral colors like cream, ivory, and khaki, accented by rich browns or luscious gold. A personal serenade or some exotic orchids would do the trick nicely. She does get jealous, but only if really provoked. These cookies help provide information on metrics the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc. There is a composed, peaceful, and patient quality to Taurus that is unmistakable and irresistible to many. The Taurean woman loves cosmetics, skin care, and fragrances, and tends to stick with her favorites. A Taurus woman will take her time and make sure to please you with passion. They might take critiques more personally and failures affect them. Long hair is synonymous with beauty for some reason. Their throats might also be vulnerable. You may need to give in to them in love matters, because they wont readily give in to you! Capricorn Taurus seeks a secure relationship. This is a lucky placement for Venus, as she rules this zodiac sign and can spread her blessings very easily. Be sure to look up your Venus sign and find out what it means for you! She hates rushing into things and will not change her mind once she has made her opinion. The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies. She can be a little reserved around those she doesnt know, but that doesnt mean she ever lets herself be taken out of the game. They also enjoy contact with nature. These can help us to understand how they are likely to relate, as well as their strengths and weaknesses as a couple. WebVENUS IN TAURUS WEAKNESSES: Jealous and demanding; materially acquisitive and possessive; overly concerned with looks and appearances; greedy and self-indulgent; inflexible and lacking in adaptability. They enjoy contact with their lovers. She does not enjoy extreme or violent acts, and they dont please her. Though they are emotionally very secure they feel agitated if you ignore them. They value honesty and trust in relationships and hate disloyalty. The Astrology of 2023: This Year in Astrology. Intermediate and advanced students of Astrology might enjoy our article, SoulMate Astrology. She would make a perfect partner for the right person. As an earth sign, Taurus women enjoy their comfort the most. She needs to feel an emotional connection, and see you as a person with good energy. Investments will be sound choices offering the comfort of safe returns over any risk ventures. They are likely to be very patient until they arent. Complementing her, small gestures, light contact will all make her happy. She is one to enjoy deeper conversations rather than nonsense chatter. After all, she is very practical. Dont think boring because her stamina is unmatched. READ: 7 Brutal Truths About Loving A Capricorn (As Written By One). By clicking Accept, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Once you break their trust it is for life. The Eight of Cups is not , Difference between Vedic and western astrology Vedic astrology is based on the sidereal zodiac a system in which positions of planets are calculated based on where they are actually observed in the sky in , Author Lakeesha Jones tells her lifes story in an uplifting way and offers information that can help readers improve their lives too. She is placid and slow to anger, but the lover who arouses her jealousy wont be allowed to forget it in a hurry. Soft sensuous fabrics make the most of her sumptuous femininity. It would be a mistake to be seduced into complacency by a Taurean womans docile, big beautiful eyes and long lovely lashes. April 21 30 Taurus/Taurus Decanate Early Taurus can be a bit more determined, stubborn, and one-track-minded. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use. When she gives She balances her determination to work hard with her desire for rewards. Our company has made one of the best approaches towards customers that we supply premier quality products. Taurus woman can be trusted in shorter and longer runs both, by anyone.